This is GrabWeather2016: a program to download weather data in XML format from the data server, and translate it into:


a data file to be read by other programs (e.g.: the GkrellWeather plugin for GkrellM);


a human-readable text file (also used by the plugin).

Both files will be written in the ~/.wmWeatherReports directory, for backward compatibility with existing software.

You must specify the 4-letter ICAO code of an airport (either directly on GrabWeather's command line, or in your front-end software) in order to get data from the respective weather station. Example:

$ GrabWeather LIPX

“LIPX” is the ICAO code for Italy’s Verona Villafranca Airport.


The latest version of GrabWeather2016 is 0.2.1, released on February 25, 2018.

Previous version 0.2 no longer works since switched its XML data query URL from http to https.


The original GrabWeather was a Perl script, bundled with (among others) the GkrellWeather plugin by Franky Lam, whose web site is no longer reachable.

The old script stopped working in 2016 when NOAA cancelled the web service it relied on. GrabWeather2016 has been developed as a drop-in replacement.


Some features are still missing:


Cardinal points for wind direction: this one is planned. Implemented in 0.2!


Airport name. Does anyone know of a good, machine-readable online list of ICAO codes with respective airport names?


Windchill: anyone know a good formula to calculate this from wind speed, temperature, dew point / relative humidity?


I’m using a simple formula (lifted from Wikipedia) for relative humidity calculation, but I’m noticing 2-3% discrepancies, compared to the web site. Anyone know of a better formula for RH, knowing temperature, dew point and pressure?

For points 1-3, original GrabWeather used to get all that data by grepping the web page it downloaded. GrabWeather2016 is querying's data server instead; which — while more bandwidth-efficient with its XML replies — is missing the aforementioned bits of info.

Requires: libxml2, libcurl
“GrabWeather2016” is Copyright © Dario Niedermann
released with no warranty under the terms of the GPLv2 license.
Written and tested on Linux using GNU tools.
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